Educational Methods & Psychometrics (EMP)

ISSN: 2943-873X


Hamdollah Ravand

Vali-e-Asr University of Rafsanjan, Iran

Keywords: Alignment, measurement invariance, multigroup confirmatory factor analysis, multigroup item response theory


This study aimed to assess measurement invariance in a university entrance examination while comparing the effectiveness of multigroup item response theory (MGIRT) and multigroup confirmatory factor analysis (MGCFA) alignment methods in identifying non-invariant items. Data from four groups, representing different university types, were analyzed using the TAM package in R and Mplus. The findings indicated that both MGIRT and MGCFA alignment methods converged on one non-invariant item, with MGCFA alignment detecting an additional three cases of non-invariance. Sensitivity analyses revealed that the presence of these non-invariant items did not significantly affect the equity of the tests, which are norm-referenced. Methodological and substantive implications of the study findings are discussed.






Research Article